Miracles. Gardens. And my kid with special needs.

I woke up early this morning with the need to walk outside to check if the peas I had planted several days ago had make their appearance yet.


It’s still a few days before the pea packaging experts claimed they could have pushed their way through the scant .5 inch of soil I carefully covered (not packed) over them, but too excited to care about what the experts said, I decided to check anyway.

Much (or maybe not so much) to my surprise there they were. Teeny bits of fresh green making their way through the soil ahead of schedule.


On the garden tier above my peas, my shallots that I planted TWO years ago are about 4 inches high. Exceedingly behind schedule, but fabulously welcome all the same.

Gardens, much like my kid with special needs, have their own time tables. To insist that your garden produces the way all the typical experts claim it should is kind of like insisting God make all your dreams happen right this very minute. It simply ain’t gonna happen.

With gardens and medically fragile kids with special needs we only think we are in control. I don’t care how perfectly you follow the expert’s directions, how often you perform the therapies to perfection, the gifts of both a garden and a kid with special needs are going to manifest themselves when they are ready…..and not a moment before.

Sometimes you’ll be surprised by how early a goal is reached, other times you’ll be surprised by how late something else finally pops up.

Regardless of which you’ll be just as thrilled and just as thankful and just as touched by the beauty and potential of both your garden and your child with special needs.


Not in a picture taking mood this morning.

There aren’t many things in this life that your child with special needs can truly claim control over. Choosing their own schedule in which they bloom is one. Continue to encourage them, support them and pray for them, don’t turn yourself into a self made expert by deciding that if something hasn’t poked it’s head up by a certain time, then it isn’t going to.

When the time does come…..and it will, in it’s own way… be sure not to forget to bask in the miracle of a time table made perfect by both your child and your Father in Heaven.


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