Milestones! Cognitive Milestones!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking, watching and waiting to see if all the effort we put into Parker’s developmental needs is paying off.

Sometimes I can see things pretty much immediately.

Other times it seems as though we get stuck in the midst of a developmental desert, where the need to see progress…any progress… is great.   The lack of measurable progress feels as damaging to our emotional psychie as the lack of water would be to our body.

Then suddenly, a milestone can take you by surprise.

Out of the blue, when your kid signs that he wants you to read him a book and instead of simply telling him to go and get a book to read, you tell him to go and get THE ANIMAL BOOK WITH THE PICTURE OF THE BIRDS AND COWS AND HORSES…….


……..and he brings you THAT EXACT BOOK.

Or, after getting your kid get ready for bed, which includes hooking his g-tube up to his continual feeds, he wants to walk out of his bedroom BUT YOU TELL HIM HE CAN’T BECAUSE HE IS HOOKED UP TO HIS FEEDS…….

….and he lifts up his shirt, looks at his g-tube, shrugs his shoulders, and returns to his bedroom.

And suddenly all the work, all the prayer, all the worry, all the time spent…..

……was totally worth it.


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