Meanest Mommy Ever

In keeping with my title of Meanest Mommy Ever, I introduced Parker to a stroll behind walker yesterday.


He was less than thrilled.


There were tears of frustration. Yet I insisted that he keep trying.


Have you ever seen a more terrifying case of scrawny chicken legs? Yet another reason why this child needs to get up and use those legs.


Parker spent most of this experience standing over the walker hoping to be rescued from the Meanest Mommy Ever.

Alas, there was nobody to hear his pleas.


And upon this realization he braced himself and stepped forward. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of him taking that step. I was too afraid that he would fall on his butt. And we don’t get the okay for that from his surgeon until Tuesday.

So you will just have to use your imagination to see the look of pure joy on Parker’s face when he realized that Yes! he could take a step forward.

All it took was a little bit of faith in himself . And a wee little push from the Meanest Mommy Ever.

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  1. Now how can YOU be the meanest mommy ever? Cuz *I* am! :)

    WTG, Parker!!!!

  2. Oh what a sweet little doll! YAY!! He took a step, that is awesome! It is so hard to watch them struggle, isnt it? I always have to keep telling myself it is for their own good! Your persistence was a good thing, he did it!


  3. It’s your job to be the meanest mommy ever! Once he gets the hang of walking around with that thing he will be all over the place!!

  4. The first step is always the hardest- I suspect that soon he’ll be zoom, zoom, zomming!

    Good work, Parkie!

    Great job, Mom!!

  5. Way to go you ‘meanie mom’! ;) YAY Parker!! :D :D :D

  6. Yeah for Parker!

    Why is it so painful to do the right thing as a parent sometimes?

  7. Wow! That’s wonderful.

  8. Rebecca says:


  9. Woo-hoo Parker! And a pat on the back to the Meanest Mom Ever from her biggest contender for the title (according to my children, at least.) {{{HUGS}}}

  10. Meanest Mommies rock! And so does Parker. Yay, Parker! Now go do it again.

    When Wil was so fragile I had to be the meanest mommy. I get it. :)

  11. Oh, so loving the photos. Needed a Parky fix.

  12. WOOT PARKER!!!

  13. If you are mean, I would like to know that nice is? You are doing an amazing job in keeping up with your precious little Parker, all the while balancing being a good wife and mom to your other children. It’s overwhelming on good days and beyond overwhelming on other days. I keep you in my prayers so often and know that God is hearing them, by the fact that Parker is doing so well. I’m praying for a financial miracle, for we know that nothing is too difficult for God.

    Love in Christ,

  14. I can just imagine the look on his face!

  15. High five for Parker!!!

  16. LOL…you mean mommy! WTG Parker..

  17. Harmonie says:

    Lots of hard work there! PS, Love the blog’s facelift.

  18. YAY Parker. We are still waiting for our 2 year old to walk..maybe Parker can give her some lessons? I am not meanest mommy ever yet b/c I still get to hide behind meanest DADDY ever (he makes her do the PT stuff…). :-)

    He is getting so big!! I must admit that I was a reader long before I found out about my daughter’s T21… so I feel like I know you. Lurker coming out of hiding….

  19. He’s so adorable it’s incredible! What a big, triumphant day for him!

  20. You go Parker! And prayers that he is feeling better soon and doesn’t have to be admitted. Hugs to you, the best mommy ever!

  21. So awesome, Congratulations Parker!!

    PS Love the new blog look!

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