Maybe I Should Quit CNN

I’ll admit it. I’m a news junkie. Some people groove off of old episodes of the Office. Me? It’s CNN all the way.

Well, except at night. From now on my nights will belong to Fox News. Glenn Beck’s new home come January.

Even in the car I have my radio set to a all news station. I’ve been following a local story with our local energy companies.

It seems as though they made a HUGE mistake and it bit them in the butt financially. And they have spent the last several weeks crying about how all of it’s customers should have to bear the brunt of THEIR MISTAKE.


So, we have the national bank bailouts, the Big Three bailouts, state bailouts, and now my local energy company not wanting to have to take responsibility of their own mistakes and wanting to be bailed out as well.


Today CNN gave me something else to be totally blown away by. And not just the whole Tropic Thunder getting nods for the global globes either. THAT is fodder for yet a whole new series of posts entitled, “What The Hell Is Wrong With The Golden Globes This Year Anyway?’

Nope, what shocked my shorts off today was the announcement that out of all those who are forced to file bankruptcy due to medical bills EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT had medical insurance.

Oh, yes they did. Medical insurance is NOT a safeguard to losing your home and everything else with today’s health care realities.


CNN should have had a picture of our family up on the screen as they relayed this information. Cause we are sooo almost this statistic.

I think a few people tend to feel uncomfortable when they are wishing for a few new $100.00 Ed Hardy tee shirts, along with a whole slew of the lastest technology, and Reed and I just want to be able to make it through another new year in our home and with our family.

And for this one to get healthy.


Cause the gift of this kid is waaaay better than anything that glitters.

So, what do you say, Santa? You got some extra healthy in your bag this year?

Cause I really don’t think we are the only families wishing for this kind of gift this year.

Not by a long shot.


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