Maybe I Should Quit CNN

I’ll admit it. I’m a news junkie. Some people groove off of old episodes of the Office. Me? It’s CNN all the way.

Well, except at night. From now on my nights will belong to Fox News. Glenn Beck’s new home come January.

Even in the car I have my radio set to a all news station. I’ve been following a local story with our local energy companies.

It seems as though they made a HUGE mistake and it bit them in the butt financially. And they have spent the last several weeks crying about how all of it’s customers should have to bear the brunt of THEIR MISTAKE.


So, we have the national bank bailouts, the Big Three bailouts, state bailouts, and now my local energy company not wanting to have to take responsibility of their own mistakes and wanting to be bailed out as well.


Today CNN gave me something else to be totally blown away by. And not just the whole Tropic Thunder getting nods for the global globes either. THAT is fodder for yet a whole new series of posts entitled, “What The Hell Is Wrong With The Golden Globes This Year Anyway?’

Nope, what shocked my shorts off today was the announcement that out of all those who are forced to file bankruptcy due to medical bills EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT had medical insurance.

Oh, yes they did. Medical insurance is NOT a safeguard to losing your home and everything else with today’s health care realities.


CNN should have had a picture of our family up on the screen as they relayed this information. Cause we are sooo almost this statistic.

I think a few people tend to feel uncomfortable when they are wishing for a few new $100.00 Ed Hardy tee shirts, along with a whole slew of the lastest technology, and Reed and I just want to be able to make it through another new year in our home and with our family.

And for this one to get healthy.


Cause the gift of this kid is waaaay better than anything that glitters.

So, what do you say, Santa? You got some extra healthy in your bag this year?

Cause I really don’t think we are the only families wishing for this kind of gift this year.

Not by a long shot.

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  1. In a nation so rich, most are actually very poor. It is a sad testiment to our government.

  2. One of the reasons I am such a big fan of Canadian-style medicare is because of families like yours, that don’t need the additional burden of unpayable debts on top of a special needs child – not that Canadian families aren’t also going bankrupt, too. It’s hard times for many, many people.

  3. kadiera

    Our son’s hospital bills (6 months in NICU as of Saturday) topped $1,000,000 about a week and a half ago.

    While I’m infinitely thankful for our insurance (and it’s higher-than-a-million lifetime benefit)…I worry about his future, because I work for one of the Big 3.

    For now, we know we won’t be getting much, if any, bill for this stay – between my insurance from work, medicaid, and the state’s program for special needs kids, we’re covered for at least the next year. After that, who knows….

  4. Its the middle class that really suffer. We can afford insurance but not all the bills and lose an income because i have to stay home and care for a busy sick kid. We are not middle class anymore.

  5. Michele Kackert says:

    Hoping and praying that Santa fulfills those wishes for you. Your sweet lil man just touches my heart as does your honest, heartfelt writing. Michele

  6. Rebecca says:

    wonderful post. so.very.true.

  7. I’m hoping you can let go of angst associated with the movie industry. Just. Ain’t. Worth. It.

    I, on the other hand, cannot pass-on a comment holding-up Canadian medical care as a solution to for the US. Parker would not be with his family now if he had to wait for approval of his medical care from a government entity.

    Sending continuous prayers for continuous support of your family.

  8. My son has insurance and I’m still out 500.00 every month on medical supplies. It has come down to this, do I make my house payment on time or do I get his meds? Well my house payments are just barely under 3 months behind. I lose sleep everynight because of this. I will pray for you and all of us who are trying to keep ends met.

  9. I understand where you are coming from on medical bills being the cause of bankruptcy. I am one of those statistics. It wasn’t due to a sick child though, it was all me and I have medical insurance. I am lucky enough to have a child (which is no longer a child) not have any medical problems other than the Down Syndrome.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas

  10. Oh Tammy, I hope you get all you have asked for this year as it is so little to ask for. I am sending lots of prayers for you and your family this holiday season.

    Much love to all,

  11. Well said. I ams sending lots and lots of prayers too!

  12. Asking Santa for a year of good health as well. Boy does Parker deserve a bag full of “healthiness”!!!

    My husband loves Glenn Beck. Ahhh! I prefer music. ;)

  13. I found your blog from another blog. There was a “Pray for Parker” button and I was intruiged because I have a Parker of my own who has depended on prayers more than a time or two.

    This post hit home with me. My little Parker was a twin and a 29 week preemie. Not only did we have insurance, we had TWO different insurances from both my husband’s and my employer.

    We still managed to lose everything we owned before it was all said and done and here we sit nine years later with old cars, living in a rental home, and trying to get on our feet again.

    The medical care system in this country is in dire shape, and it’s really sad that you do everything you can and it’s still not enough. Even worse is when you can’t even have insurance through your husbands employer, and he’s the only one who works, but alas, it’s the insurance that you hit your life time max on eight years ago and now they say “Sorry, we won’t cover you.”

    You fight tooth and nail for them to even cover the things you need, it’s a never ending battle that wears you out long before the illness does.

    Sorry, I got off on a tangent there. But I want you to know that my now quite healthy Parker and I, and the rest of our family have your sweet little Parker and all of your family in our prayers.

    I hope Santa really did bring good health to your beautiful little one.

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