Mark Ewing, Alaska’s kids with SN deserve so much better than you.


Mark Ewing, an Alaska State House hopeful, and self proclaimed torch carrier of conservative common sense, described one way to help a strapped state budget:

” the state should consider moves to stop providing education to “children that have a hard time making their wheelchair move.”

Oh, yes, yes he indeed he did.

When asked to explain his reasoning behind this statement, Ewing quoted Jack Nicholson and replied “Actually, you know, that was a response that isn’t politically correct. But I’m going to use a quote from Jack Nicholson and that is, ‘most people can’t handle the truth.’” 

(This quote was taken directly from Mr. Ewing’s FB campaign page.  Hurry quick if you want to read it, he’s been removing things from that page as fast as he posts them.)

Actually Mr. Ewing, the truth is that each child in our country deserves an education.   An education that is directed to the needs of each child, whether typical, in a wheelchair, or born with a cognitive delay.

Obviously THAT is a truth YOU can’t handle Mr. Ewing.

There’s been quite the debate over this issue on Mr. Ewing’s FB page.  Feel free to join in and share your thoughts with Mr. Ewing.  I can’t say it will change his mind at all, however it may change the minds of the many people who are following this debate on his page.

And if you want to see something that will make your heart sing, watch this Special Needs Flash Mob, filled with amazing kids…….in wheelchairs!

Scroll down to Videos of the Week and Special Needs Flash Mob!

 PS:  Kudos to Andrew Wellner at and to the for refuting Mr. Ewing’s tries at back peddling at break neck speed.



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