Make a Wish, Home School and Green Tomatoes

Make a Wish is scheduled to have Parker’s wish delivered and set up on Friday. A new play structure with safety swings, and a slide!

Can you believe that Parker has never been on a slide before?

I can’t wait to see the joy that will come as this kid soars through the air with the happiest of hearts.

Parker’s Make a Wish party will be on Saturday. We are having it here because Parker has been sick more this spring and summer than he was all last winter. And with his right heart cath scheduled for next month we aren’t taking any chances.

We’ve invited my parents, and a few close friends. Uncle Terry, if you are reading this, you and Aunt Suzanne are invited too. 11:00 a.m. at Parker’s house.

I worry sometimes about how I will pay it forward in thanks for the generosity we have been shown by so many others. But then my Dad called to tell me that instead of trading his old truck in, he decided to donate it to Make a Wish! I am a true believer of sending the love shown to us on to help others.

Rigel and Kenny go back to school tomorrow. Which means my main source of slave labor will dry up. Then again the main source of mess will be out of the picture for most of the day. So, it could all even out in the end.

Parker’s home school begins the first of September. I have an official curriculum and everything. I’m going to journal our year. You’ll find my homeschooling posts stashed under the homeschooling tab up at the top of the page. I know all the questions I’ve had about homeschooling a child with special needs. Maybe this will provide some ideas for other Moms.

Our garden is struggling. Our tomatoes took forever to get going, and have decided to skip the part where they turn red. Which means that I have a zillion green tomatoes.


Too bad I prefer my tomatoes ripe.


What can I say? I’m funny like that.

However we did manage to produce enough pumpkins to provide me days of canning enjoyment. yikes! I’ll be putting up many a bottle of pumpkin pie filling this year. Good thing we like this stuff.


Our zucchini plant has just started to create actual zucchinis. I always freeze bags of shredded zucchini for muffins through the winter.

Really, who struggles with their zucchini in the summer?

Anyone else having garden drama this year?

I do have crook neck squash and acorn squash. Enough to turn into baby food for Parker.

The girls over at Pinching Your Pennies worked out a way to have 5 Sunday papers delivered to our door each Sunday morning.

Can you say Ya-hooooo? Cause that’s what I said when I got the news! We are so grateful.

We grabbed the Albertson’s doublers, and along with the sale prices and coupons, were able to purchase over $60.00 of groceries for around $10.00. Skintimate saving gel for .50 a can. Large pkgs. of Juicy Juice (8 count) for a $1.00. 10 free chocolate milks our for back to school breakfast tomorrow. And packages of warm and serve rolls for .69.

My new obsession mission is to get my food storage room back up to full.

I have a few trash to treasures to share with you. But this post is already long.

And I need to tackle the loads of laundry that are calling my name. And the macaroni that needs to be dyed. And the list of books Parker needs for his preschool units. And…

Okay. You get my drift.


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