I received the sweetest little love note in my email box today. Every one needs little love notes in their life, don’t you think?   It seems as though someone I know saw me out this morning placing some Lynne B. Mower for Alpine School District signs around town.  Considering the use of exclamation points (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  found therein, along with the uh…delightfully colorful adjectives…..(ahem), plus the interesting suggestions of where my head must be stuck, it looks like the sender of this little love note isn’t having a very good day.

Such the pity.

I usually spend the political season behind a computer screen and a big ‘ol glass of Dr. Pepper over ice.

Lynne Mower for Alpine School Board

This time however, I chose to get a little more involved with a local school board race.

Now, it’s not that I think the other team is bad.  I don’t.  Okay.  In the interest of honesty, there may be one or two that have made me go, “Huh?” 

But I don’t think my early morning epistle was from anyone directly associated with the other team.  Nope.  They are most likely wayy too busy working on behalf of the incumbent.  I think it was a well meaning, but perhaps socially inept, fan acting  all on their lonesome.

I chose to get involved in this race because there is an issue that needs to be addressed, and I  find myself agreeing with how Lynne Mower is choosing to go about solving it.

I’m not a stranger to these types of ego boosts…..heh.  Nope.  You can’t write on a blog for almost 10 years without someone somewhere wanting to send a little lurve your way.

I’m figuring that if someone took the time to send me such a tender expression of their concern for my head placement then I must be showing up on someone’s radar.

Which means I’m doing a pretty stellar job of helping to get Lynne’s message out.

Maybe my next love letter will come with a piece of reallly expensive jewelry.

I mean, a girl can dream, right?

PS:  How awesome would it be if I really were limber enough to be able to place my head in the position they suggested, eh? 

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