Look! In Parker’s Sidebar! That RME button!

There is a new company called Revolution Money Exchange who’s out to give PayPal some competition… They are offering $25 to everyone who signs up for an account before May 15 AND signing up is FREE! I’ve done my homework on this and it’s legit, but you don’t have to take my word for it… You can learn more about the company yourself by reading this USA Today Article.

On the advice of friends, I signed myself up. It took about 3 minutes. Then it took about two days and a couple of extra steps to have my checking account verified. The money made it’s way into my bank account within just a couple of days. If you’re familiar with online banking, then you’ll be comfortable signing up with this company… They are FDIC insured and do require a Social Security Number. After you sign up, make sure to log into your account and “accept” the $25 that will be waiting there for you. Then you can request to have a check mailed to you, or have it transfered directly into your bank account like I did.

And guess what? For each of you that signs up through the link on Parker’s blog, $10.00 will be added to Parker’s medical fund! Then you can put a link on your own blog, or email your friends or whatever and make ten bucks for everyone that YOU sign up. I know, it sounds too good to be true… but it’s really not.

Now… what to do with that extra cash??? We’ll be putting it towards Parker’s next surgery on May 16th. Which works out really well since this offer with RME is only open until May 15th.

And can I tell you about the medical bills we have piling up? Okay. I could. But you would be sooo bored having to hear about them all. It would take a reallly long post to list them all. sigh……

The link is in my sidebar… Go sign up… We can thank each other later!

Thanks to those of you who have signed up! You have until May 15 to spread the word and make a couple of extra bucks yourself!

And for those of you who have offered to even donate your $25.00 earnings for signing up with RME…….

Thank you.


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