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The best way to save money is simply not to make any purchases.  Unfortunately, there are times when something is a need.  The second best way to save money is to purchase those needs second hand.  I’ve recently discovered Local Facebook Yard Sale Groups..  Not only can you purchase from these yard sale pages, you can sell on them as well.  Sweet!

I discovered Facebook yard sale groups by word of mouth.  You can find you local groups by typing in ‘yard sale’ or ‘garage sale’ and the city you live in the Facebook search bar at the top of your page.  Once you’ve found your local groups, you can try the search again using neighboring cities.  Pretty simple!

I’ve found that while the prices are a little bit higher than a brick and mortar yard sale, you can look for specific items on your list. Not so much running around and using up gas.   And…..it’s easier to haggle over PMs than in real life.   Actually I think you’ll find that most people add in some ‘haggle’ room into their prices.  All they can do is say no!

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Because I’m working to replace items we’ve used up from our pantry, I’ve been doing much more selling than buying. (Yes, we really DO eat out what we store!)    I’ve sold things that I’m no longer using with Parker.  I’ve sold a no longer used food processor.  I’ve sold home decor as I am working to move more towards a minimalist life style.  I’ve even sold several cans of Thrive Sour Cream that I knew I wouldn’t be using.


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Not comfortable having people come to your home to pick up their purchases?  Or feel weird going to someone else’s house to pick up your purchases?  I get it.  Most people are willing to meet to complete their transactions.  A nice and busy Target parking lot can be ideal.


food processor

Selling on local Facebook yard sale groups is much easier than selling on ebay.  No shipping necessary.  And no messing up and losing on your profit because it cast way more to ship your merchandise than you had figured.  (ahem)

I also like selling on the FB pages more than my local classifieds as I can make a photo album highlighting many items for sale, making my listings much less time consuming.

So, how you shop/sell second hand?   What was your biggest second hand score?  Share your best stories with us in the comments section below!

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