Living by the pulse oximeter

Several times a day and all night long Parker is hooked up to his pulse oximeter.  This lets us know how high his oxygen concentrations are (needs to be over 95%), and where his heart rate is at.

We’ve learned that by keeping a close eye on Parker’s pulse oximeter we can tell if there is something nervous making coming down the pike.

Is it taking greater amounts of oxygen to keep him at 95% or above?

Is his heart rate higher than it should be?

Both of these are tell tale signs that something is out of the ordinary and we need to pay some closer attention.

Combine the signs with a fever and we can pretty much know we’ll be seeing a doctor in the next 24 hours.

Sometimes though, that pulse ox tells us good news.  Satting at 100%?  Heart rate in the beautiful zone?

Life is good, Baby.  Really good.

The last couple of days we’ve been dealing with a green nose (and by sticking to this description I’m doing you guys a favor, cause what’s coming out this kid’s nose is enough to make even this veteran Mama shiver), fever, increased oxygen needs and a heart rate ping ponging all over the joint.

He’s more congested today.  And that nose.  whoa.  But the pulse ox is telling us his oxygen needs are being met on his baseline of oxygen and his heart rate is getting closer to normal, meaning good things could be just around the corner.

playing on a play set

Hopefully, before we know it, these little feet will be making their way up pirate planks and hanging out in the kiddie pool again.

BTW, those Chicken Legs this kid sports?  Compliments of his Happy. (My Dad)  Rigel has the same exact legs, lol.

PS:  Have you heard?  We’re calling it Independence for Parker and you can read about it here. 


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