Light Table Au Naturel

This post contains affiliate links that allow Parker and I to earn a penny or two towards items Parker uses on a daily basis……from his liquid Vitamin B, to his items for our homeschool.

 Light Table.  We love ours.  So many ways to kick up the sensory input of a lesson by placing it on top of a source of light.  The other day we chose to use some of our more Au Naturel manipulatives to liven up our day.

I do a lot of dehydrating.  Now is the season my Excalibur is chugging away with lemons, limes and oranges.  They are beautiful when dehydrated and perfect for light table work.

light table

We added in some beautiful wooden buttons of various sizes and viola, we were on our way!

We’ve been working with Base Ten Frames in Math.  It has been such a great choice for Parker.  He can identify the numbers on the Ten Frame by sight, as well as work the reciprocal, which is building a number on the Ten Frame, a breeze.

addition on the light table

It’s made understanding the concept of teens, tens and hundreds so much easier to explain and comprehend.  If you are familiar with how Numicon works, I think you’d like using Ten Frames with a variety of manipulatives to switch things up a bit!

little boy with Down syndrome holding a dried oragne

I love using unique objects on the light table.  I much prefer asking Parker to show me the number 12 using orange slices than just dots.  And the color of the citrus slices on the light table really draws his attention.  So much so, that I’m going to be dehydrating both grapefruit and blood oranges next!

addition on the light table

Look at the picture above and find the white arrow pointing to how Parker still insists on grasping hard to grasp objects.  I love this kid, but his stubbornness with a pincer/pencil grip is going to be the cause of my demise.  Our OT and I have decided to bring him back to the very basics and start again.  I’m not willing to just give up on Parker ever being able to write his name.  He got that streak of stubborn from somewhere….and I’m pretty sure that would be me!

driving cars on the light table

So we spent some time driving cars around a light table obstacle course with the citrus slices and buttons as the obstacles.  He loved it and  only insisted on taking a short cut OVER the slices once or twice.

How many of you have light tables?  What activities do your kids love doing on them?

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