Let’s hope we’re not starting a trend here…..

My poor kid.  First he’s too sick to celebrate his birthday, and then he’s too sick to be home for Thanksgiving.

I hope we’re not starting a trend here.

Birthday cards from some of Parker’s favorite buddies!

We’ve had years when between Thanksgiving and Christmas we’ve spent more time inpatient than we have at home.   Not our best memories.

We’re home now.  Parker is starting to look a little better.  He’s very tired and wants mostly to just sit and be held.  So different from the kid he usually is.  It makes me think of the years when all we did was hang out in the safe room and rock while reading story after story.

I hereby promise to never again wish my little tornado would slow down.   Great energy shows that he’s healthy and happy.   Last week reminded me to be thankful for each and every single healthy day.   It’s amazing that after all Parker’s been through that I could even begin to take the good days for granted, isn’t it?   It’s time to offer up more gratitude to my Father in Heaven for how far this kid has come.


A picture drawn by one of Parker’s sweet peeps!  Notice the Elmo?

It’s going to take some time, but Parker will get healthy again.   My worry is that once he has been so weakened by what he’s just been through, he’ll be vulnerable to every other bit of yuck making the rounds.   I still haven’t tried to put him back on his blenderized diet yet.  The canned stuff digests a lot easier, but I don’t believe it offers him the optimal nutritional of fresh fruits and veggies.  Perhaps getting him back on his blenderized feeds will help put some of the almost two pounds that he’s lost back on.

I’m thinking it may be a truly looong winter.

Remember my post from yesterday?  How to tell if you are a Special Needs Mama?  Well, I’d like to add a new line.

You know you are the parent of a medically fragile kid with special needs when the crisper in your fridge is full of  few thousand dollars of inhaled antibiotic instead of, you know…. food.


Thank you so much for the prayers and words of love and support as we made our way through last week.  I’m not going to lie.  It sometimes takes a village to keep this Mama from wanting to throw herself off a cliff.  Those prayers make all the difference.

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