Learning Curves and IEPs

There are huge learning curves when it comes to keeping a medically fragile kid alive. There are cracks to avoid falling through.  Courage to develop.  Confidence to build in the truth that you know your child better than anyone else.

There are also huge learning curves when it comes to educating your child with special needs.  It’s another land mine where the cracks are wide and the potential to be swallowed up in the one size fits all is huge.

I’ve spent so much time keeping Parker alive, that I’ve not kept up on the educational part as well as I should have.  I’ve sat at IEPs where I accepted what was offered and happily signed on the dotted line.

It’s time for me to put more effort into meeting Parker’s  educational needs using the same eye to detail that I do his medical needs.  There’s going to be some changes around here.


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I’m going to be doing some evaluating of how I spend my time.  Tomorrow is Parker’s IEP.  Looking over his last IEP goals I’m feeling, well……sad.  I know he could be doing so much better, and I know I am responsible for this.  It’s so easy to get caught up in other things (hello, internet) or tell myself that I’m so tired today, but tomorrow…..boy tomorrow I’ll make it up.

And then something else comes up tomorrow.

Tomorrow we meet for another IEP.  This one will be much different than the others.  I have lists and plans and expectations.  Not just from those that are a part of his Home and Hospital team, but of myself as well.

There is a BIG part of me that feels that I need to get a job in order to provide Parker with the extra therapies he needs and is so behind on.  That isn’t the answer though and I know it.

The answer is spending less time on what doesn’t matter and putting it towards what does matter. Determining what I love by what I seek.  Even if it means this old dog needs to learn some new tricks so I can help Parker reach his greatest potential.







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