Lab Test Results

Lab tests results meaning have a way of putting a wee bit of terror into this Mama’s soul.  While we no longer need to go every month, I still find myself thinking of big pretty bottles of nerve medications the day we are scheduled to have 6 big vials of blood sucked out of our Brave Hero’s arm.

I learned a long time ago that you could call the lab and receive  any lab test results.  They won’t diagnose anything, but they will read off the numbers.

Today the lab test results guy kept saying; “There were several abnormal results.”  And of course I had no idea what any of the things he was reading off meant.

First of all, Parker’s BNP came in at 54.  Crap.  For months and months and months Parker’s BNP has been coming in anywhere between 15 and 25.  Anything under 100 is considered normal, and this value can go up when a kid is sick.

The next results are like Greek to me:

Well, crap. I called the lab and was told there were a lot of abnormal results. Of course I have NO idea what any of this means, except for the BNP which was 54. 54 is still normal, but it’s been coming in at 15-24 for MONTHS now. It could be because he was sick last week. Here are the values, and the misspelled words. Anyone know what these mean?

Target cells 1+
Amisocytosis 1+
Ametamyelocyte -1
RDWSD 52.8
RDW 16.8
Differentials 14
There was also something Neutrophils and myelocytes issues.

Trying to stay away from Google……

I know some of these are white blood cells reflecting a bacterial infection.  And maybe this shows a bit of anemia?  During Parker’s last sleep study they witnessed some types of leg restlessness and knee jerks associated with low iron.

I’m also wondering if any of these results could show inflammation in Parker’s bowel with his ulcerative colitis.

He takes a liquid vitamin B complex because his blood doesn’t make any on it’s own.  Maybe he’s not absorbing this?

Kids with Ds have a much higher incidence of leukemia.  So often, Moms born with an overdose of the Worry Gene, hear white blood cells and their minds go directly to the big L word, without hearing anything else.

Lab Test Results

One little trip to the lab.  One page full of lab test results meaning.  Ten zillion questions.

And people wonder why I’m ready to jump off a bridge when a right heart cath is on the horizon.  

I spend so much time wishing that all I had to worry about were things like getting Parker an adaptive bike, finding the money for therapies, making sure there was enough money for the month.  These are things I can think out of the box on.  Struggles that are shared with many other families.  Challenges I can tighten my belt to meet.

But the medical stuff?  Totally out of my hands.  No matter my determination. No matter my persistence.  No matter how hard I throw myself into keeping Parker healthy…….none of it is in my control.

When you add both of these together, I sometimes find myself retreating to a place deep inside in an attempt to protect my heart.  Except that doesn’t really fix anything and it deprives Parker of his biggest advocate and teacher. 

Instead I must  rely on my very weak  faith, wrapped in the selfishness of wanting Parker to stay here for a long long time.  Several times a day you could find me on my knees pleading with my Father in Heaven for a grand plan for Parker,  that hopefully includes allowing my Hero to live into adulthood and a few (or more) years beyond.  I know he won’t make it to 50…..or even 40.   But I pray we’ll still be together in his 30’s.  Wasn’t it Corrie Ten Boom that said a (wo)man is powerful on his (her) knees?

I hope that’s not too much to ask.



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