Knocking On Wood

I think it has been discovered that as long as we keep Parker on the meds and not allow him to get to a point of such severe pain, that that is helping. I’ve held him most of the day. And I can’t leave his field of vision when he is awake. But it has been a better day so far.

Knocking on wood big time.

It looks like we will be in the PICU until Friday. And we will be bringing Parker home with a foley cathater. Poor kid. He is such a little bit of nothing and all the bandages, stitches, wires and tubes pretty much gobble him up. It is hard to find a place to stick the SAT probes.

But HOME is all I can think of. Home is the place Parker loves best. Now to just make it throught the days in between.

Thank you for all of the prayers and support. They mean more than you can imagine.


  1. Emily May 19, 08
  2. Kay May 19, 08
  3. Suzie May 19, 08
  4. Michelle May 19, 08
  5. mum2brady May 19, 08
  6. Rebecca May 19, 08
  7. Christy May 19, 08
  8. Jenn May 20, 08
  9. Awesome Mom May 20, 08
  10. Melissa May 20, 08
  11. Renee May 20, 08
  12. cris May 20, 08
  13. Lori Harper May 20, 08
  14. Stacey May 20, 08
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