It’s Kinda Like Glue. Only It’s For Your Butt.

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I finally got my hands on some ILEX.

On first glance this stuff looks pretty much like all the other Teeny Tiny Designer Hiney creams I’ve used.

And if you’ve used one tush cream, you’ve used them all.


So, why exactly would you need to read the directions. Don’t they all go along the lines of:

open jar
spread on clean fanny
cover fanny with diaper

Well. ILEX is a wee bit different…………a maverick among it’s peers.

The directions on the back of it’s bottle read:

a covering of petroleum jelly should be applied over ILEX to prevent the gluteal crease or diaper from sticking.

Which in layman’s terms means that unless you cover the Ilex with Vaseline your child’s butt cheeks will, indeed, run a very high chance of being cemented together.

Which in turn can be a bit uncomfortable.

But this only happens if you failed to read the directions really carefully.


disclaimer: No Brave Hero Hineys were seriously damaged during the experience that inspired this post.

However, the author of this blog entry does plan on writing the ILEX company and suggesting they print their directions for use in really BOLD type from now on.

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  1. Holy cow, that’s not good!!! Never heard of such a thing!

  2. Steph says:

    Yes, vaseline is a very important step in using Ilex. I hated Ilex!!! You have such a talent at writing. I’m sorry but I was laughing while reading this post. You are so comical. Maybe it’s because I knew exactly where you were going this this.

  3. Oh I’m so glad his TTDH was glued together, especially after all you had to go through to get it open!!!

  4. I told you not to forget the vaseline but don’t worry all of us who have used ilex had the same thing happen with our first use!

  5. Ha ha ha! Sorry, but that’s really, really funny…ha ha ha :)

  6. Wait! What happened?

  7. OH No Tammy!! Hope Brave hero’s tushy is ok! This is kinda funny but not. Like the first time Chanelle’s Daddy changed a diaper. Instead of diaper cream he smeared her tush up with the Johnson’s Eucalyptus lotion then couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t crying. LOL

  8. So my question is…….can you see an improvement?

    Sending prayers your way.

  9. I’ve never heard of this product. If you use it correctly, do you think it’s a good product? I’m always on the lookout for hiney products to use with Nathan.

  10. ILEX is da bomb! That’s the only thing that works on my little girl’s diaper rashes. What we’ve always done (stole the idea from our NICU) was mixed ILEX 50/50 with vasoline and we keep it in a little urine specimen cup where it looks oh so cute. No gluing the butt cheeks shut and no messing with putting two different substances on a butt while trying to hold a wiggling baby/toddler.

  11. Oh yeah Ilex…I had to read those directions like 5 times.
    I’m sure you’ve tried it but have you tried the equal p arts maalox/aquaphor combo? Although I’m sure I’m giving you the most idiotic advice ever. Also, Calmoseptine has done wonders for my Dovi.

  12. Well at least no harm was done, or at least I hope none was done and that no expensive bums were harmed. I hope it is working for you.

  13. Oh dear! What a pain in the, well, butt! Maybe this will be the solution you have been looking for though!

  14. LOL I don’t mean to laugh but your disclaimer made me chuckle. That poor lil hiney’s been through enough already!!! Give him loads of huggles from Vermont and perhapsp when I get to utah we can finally meet this hero amoung heros!

  15. HAHAHAHA! Sorry, that’s hilarious. Poor thing, though- that could NOT have been pleasant. :)

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