It’s funny how things work out…..

Yesterday I left a message on Cardio’s voice mail.

I told him that I was still totally up in the air as to what we should do to address Parker’s airway issues.

I told him that I had felt ENT had written Parker off as a lost cause.

Several hours later the phone rings.

It is ENT calling.  A calm, upbeat, supportive ENT that I haven’t seen in a while.

He tells me  he’s heard I would like to speak with him.

He  mentions that Cardio  told him that the time was NOW to address Parker’s aspiration issues.  And not with Botox that would only control 80% of the spit Parker aspirates with only a 75% chance of of even that happening.

Most of all NOT with Botox  that wouldn’t address the biggest concern to Parker’s health:  having him grab something, sticking it in his mouth and aspirating on THAT.

It seems the conversation went something like this:  “ENT, why can’t you take care of Parker’s aspiration issues with that surgery we had talked about.” And how about doing it NOW.

So ENT was calling to review our options and suggest that the surgical route for Parker was a middle of the road approach (meaning that we wouldn’t be sealing his vocal cords together) that would offer up 100% solution for Parker.

And……and this is a biggie…….

ENT told me that Cardiology believed that Parker was getting healthier.  And that he, too, hoped that Parker would continue to get healthier.  And that he was on board for this very thing.

We aren’t talking lose the trach healthier.  The trach is paramount to Parker’s survival.

But a kid can live very happily with a trach.  Quite frankly I love Parker’s trach.   It has been a blessing beyond words.

So, to make a long post end quicker, we are going with the super glottal fold over.

I am finally, finally at peace with this decision.  It feels right.

I am so very grateful for a bit of peace.


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