It’s a Wonderful Journey

It’s been hard.  At times it has hurt.  It’s been scary.  It’s been bittersweet.

At the same time the life that the birth of our youngest son has introduced our family to has become the most remarkable of journeys.

Mothering Parker has required me to change  the ideas I once held about life and what truly makes us rich.  It’s required me to be more disciplined.  To stretch myself and grow.  To engage my faith.  To think outside of the box.

Mothering Parker has given me much more in return then I could have ever imagined 7 years ago.

I have opportunities each day to be reminded of what really matters in this life.  I’ve watched a child go through hell and still wake up smiling every morning.  I’ve learned the true definition of courage.  We don’t call this kid our Brave Hero for nothing.

Then there is the love.  People often comment on the spirit they feel when they come into our home.  It’s nothing I’ve done.  It’s the spirit that Parker came to us with.  The one that calms our fears and provides a looking glass unique and specific to those blessed to be a family with a child who has special needs.

If given the opportunity to go back in time knowing what the future held, I wouldn’t change a thing.  (Okay.  Maybe the Pulmonary Hypertension)   All of the joy I would have missed.  All the strength I would have never known I had.

It truly is a wonderful journey.

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