Is it Spring yet?

Parker loves being outside.  All winter long his favorite place to sit is in front of the door in this video ……  waiting….wanting… go outside.

I left the door open the other day by accident.  Not all the way open.  Just not shut tight.  And my Brave Hero knew it.

Five seconds later he was gone.

Usually the poor kid gets halfway to the playset and winds up clothes-lining himself on his oxygen tubing.  But in this video a kind sibling unplugged him before he made his Great Escape.


You know, there was a time when nobody ever believed Parker would be able to do what you just watched him do.  I’m a firm believer in Miracles.  I hope you are too.


  1. Jean P Apr 3, 11
  2. Julie Apr 3, 11
  3. Jen in NY Apr 3, 11
  4. db Apr 4, 11
  5. Michelle Halcomb Apr 4, 11
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