Increasing Vocabulary Words for Non-Verbal Students

It is interesting, this journey to teach a non-verbal child how to read.  Add in the fact that Parker spends so much of his time secluded because of his health and, well, this challenge becomes an even bigger one.  Thankfully, I am fully secure in my knowledge that both Parker and I can do hard things, as we work on our goal of increasing vocabulary words for non-verbal students.


I’ve been going ‘old school’ this year. Along with an online reading program, monthly sight words and  iPad apps, I’ve included a flip chart of handwritten poems to increase Parker’s vocabulary.  I’ve incorporated hand drawn (don’t laugh!) and downloaded pictures to illustrate the main vocabulary words for our Brave Hero.

Something SO simple is serving to engage and excite this young reader of mine.

Parker LOVES to stand in front of his poems, pointer in hand, and follow along as we ‘read’.  I know he is recognizing the words I’m reading aloud as he points to them.

I wanted to share with you the Fall poems we’ve been using for increasing vocabulary words for Non-Verbal Students:


Poem about Leaves

Fall Leaves

(um.  yes.  I did just notice that I only have ONE red leaf drawn.  I’ll be fixing that!)


Pumpkin Poems




Witch Poem

I’m A Mean Old Witch With A Hat

Because the illustrations for this poem are way out of my talent zone, I chose to use Google to find my pictures.  I searched for images like  ‘witch’  ‘witch with a hat’  ‘witch on broom with cat’, etc.


witch poem pictures
What do YOU do to help your non-verbal kids increase their vocabulary skills!  I’m always looking for new ideas! 



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