In Which I Plead For Your Ideas

He’ll match them.

He’ll identify them.

He’ll sort them.

He’ll stack them.


But for the life of me I can’t get this kid to sign them.

The tension mounts and I resort to pleading.

Parker’s will is always the last one standing.


We’re trying to get Parker to sign his colors.

It’s the last item to pass off his IEP for color mastery. Everything else has been signed off and accounted for.

BTW, who knew there so many steps in learning one’s colors?

Parker got an extra large dose of the famous Hodson stubborn gene. It’s from his Dad’s side of the family. It’s so impressive that legends are handed down from one generation to the next sharing the shock and wonder of this particular brand of unyielding tenaciousness.


I need some help.

Make that a lot of help.

Give me some ideas to help this kid decide he does indeed want to sign his colors.

We’re starting with red. No food rewards as Parker’s is NPO.

I’ll be forever in your debt.


  1. Jan Mar 8, 10
  2. mamikaze
    Mar 8, 10
    • mamikaze
      Mar 8, 10
      • Tammy & Parker Mar 9, 10
  3. mum2brady Mar 8, 10
  4. Stephanie Mar 8, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Mar 9, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Mar 9, 10
      • kadiera
        Mar 10, 10
  5. Scarehaircare Mar 8, 10
  6. Barbara
    Mar 8, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Mar 9, 10
  7. Chris Mar 8, 10
  8. debbie Mar 8, 10
    • Tammy & Parker Mar 9, 10
  9. beverly Mar 8, 10
  10. Kimber Mar 9, 10
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