In The Midst Of It

To keep the heart unwrinkled,

to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent,

that is to triumph…

-Amos Bronson Alcott

I’m sitting in the midst of the dust created by some much needed re-doing that has been going on around here.  Along with sunshine and the gentle breeze coming through my windows, a touch of excitement arrived this morning.

I love re-doings.  It feels like a new beginning.  Except with a whole lot more elbow grease.  I sat on my front porch earlier and planted bright flowers in newly spray painted pots. ( A little bit of spray paint and bring forth huge miracles.)  Then I went around the back and began to plant my first batch of lettuce.


While turning over the dirt I took a moment to introduce Parker to his first worm.    Neither seemed to be too impressed with the other.  There’s a plastic pot of ladybugs hybernating in the fridge.  Maybe when we wake them up they’ll catch Parker’s imagination.

I’ve got laundry swirling and will soon need to break out the iron. What I’d really like to do is curl up into an afternoon nap.  But that wouldn’t bode well for the early morning crowd and their search for clean underwear.

This weekend we’ll be planting flowers and vegetables.  I love looking out my windows and seeing dinner growing, patiently waiting to be included in a family meal.  I love the promise that gardens bring.  Adventure even, as you wonder what this year’s bounty will include, and how you can successfully sneak it in a recipe without your family being any the wiser.

Did I tell you that we are officially a Wish Family?  We don’t know exactly when, but sometime soon, there will be a new play structure where our old one is currently falling apart.  And while I realize that bucket swings and pirate planks aren’t usually seen as symbols of hope, that is exactly what this playset will be for me.  The hope for a certain Brave Hero to be able to climb and fly and dream of a future with his name on it.

I have lots more I’d love to share: The signing?  It’s coming along so well!  A Senior Prom.  A once in a lifetime (which is what  Junior High can sometimes feel like) award.  A grass roots effort to make sure the voices of children are heard and acknowled as Obama sets forth to overhaul our nation’s healthcare.

But right now I’ve got an appointment with my iron and a pile of clothes.  I need to take advantage of my time while Parker is sleeping.

But we’ll talk soon.  Promise.

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