Imperforate Anus and a Colostomy

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I have had many people ask me what, exactly, is an Imperforate Anus as well as a Colostomy. Not many people are familiar with these terms. That’s okay, we have come across nurses unfamiliar with an Imperforate Anus.

Unfortunately we live in a society where talk about our bodily functions, especially anything concerning the health of our bowels is pretty much taboo. You may be surprised to discover exactly how many people wear ostomy bags.

Parker was born with quite the list of medical issues, an Imperforate Anus being one of them.

The day after Parker was born he was Life Flighted to PCMC for a life saving procedure in which the doctor’s created an colostomy for Parker. You can read more about a colostomy here.

While an Imperforate Anus is not something that just babies with Down Syndrome can be born with, research tells us that of babies who are born with both Ds and an Imperforate Anus usually have a very good chance at obtaining bowel control because of the type of Imperforate Anus they tend to be born with.

Once Parker is healthy enough to withstand the rigors of a PSARP surgery, we hope to be able to take him to to have both the first and second part of the PSARP performed. The second part of the PSARP will include the reversal of Parker’s colostomy. It will be a very expensive surgery that our insurance will only pay a small ‘out of provider service area’ amount towards. We will have to pay the rest out of pocket.

People also ask us if Parker needs to even wear a diaper if he wears an ostomy bag to collect his stool in. The answer is Yes!. All the urine created by the bottles of Pediasure Parker drinks has to go into something. And we cloth diaper just in case you were wondering. MUCH cheaper than disposables. :)

An ostomy bag looks simply like:


This is the pouch and what we use to close the pouch off with.
Each bag costs around $3.00 each. I make sure that I have an emergency stash of ostomy supplies stashed away too. Ostomy supplies simply aren’t something you can dash out for in the middle of the night if you happen to run out.


Using my template I draw the proper size opening for Parker’s stoma fit inside of the pouch. You want a properly fitting pouch, trust me.


I cut out the area not needed. Then I set the pouch aside.


This is my secret weapon. This is a wipe that helps prepare the area that the pouch will be sticking to. It adds extra sticky and helps to insure that the pouch will adhere better. Again, very important.


I then add the ‘stoma-hesive’ to the wafer opening. All the light brown part or wafer is sticky, but you really need a better seal than just the sticky, thus the stoma-hesive.

Adhere the pouch over the stoma and make sure it seals well over all the area of skin that it needs to, close it off and viola! a new ostomy bag has been placed.

We usually change Parker’s bag every other day. It seems like we always hit a few days a month were because of how active Parker is or any number of other reasons, we wind up needing to put on a new bag two or three times a DAY. Talk about expensive! We empty his bag several times a day. Our insurance company claims that a bag should last for up to a week. We disagree and feel that because we are so incredibly neurotic……..uh, I mean attentive to the care of Parker’s stoma and ostomy bag we have not had any of the many issues that can arise if the proper care isn’t given.

We have Parker’s cloth diapers custom made with a rise high enough to cover and help protect his stoma and ostomy bag. Some of his diapers make him look like a little old man who wears his pants half way up to his armpits. hee,hee

The rest of the pictures are for your viewing pleasure, cause we happen to think that Parker is the cutest 2.5 year old EVER! :)


You can still play sports while wearing an ostomy bag.


If you were to take a peek at Parker’s tush it would look totally like any other teeny tush. You’d never know just by looking that there was anything different at all.


Parker’s colostomy is on his left hand (your right hand) side.


Wow. This has been our longest post ever! We’re ‘xhausted. Off to take a nap!

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