I was wrong. The girl does have class.

Remember my post about Allison? The wife of a former fiancee that I had walked by in Costco? I’d link you to the post, but I’ve taken it down.

Turns out Allison reads Parker’s blog. Has for a couple of years now. I wish I would have known. And that she would have left a comment or two.

It was a nice email. I’m thinking we may have found some common ground (we both think Parker is pretty wonderful) and I’m hoping maybe simultaneous olive branches might be extended.

Mine may need to be a little bit bigger than Allison’s, though.

Allison believes that we might be more alike than I think. So I decided to prove her theory by inviting her over to meet Parker after we get this heart cath and a few other appointments taken care of.

She’s pretty sure that I’d like her and her personality.

I am too.


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