I Recognized That Smell

even before I had fully opened my eyes this morning. The distinct aroma of an ostomy bag gone wrong. Way wrong.

I got all of the bath stuff ready. Made sure I had a couple of towels ready. A large zipper baggie for the nasal numbing remains. Everything necessary for an emergency detoxification.

Rigel and Kensley were, as usual, my faithful helpers. I think it is interesting how the different sexes in the house react to this kind of adventure. Kensley was doing her best to keep her gag reflexes to a bare minimum. But it was evident that her gross out meter had hit overload.

Rigel however had almost a look of awe on his face. As though he felt he hadda offer a type of almost awed respect for such a great mess coming out of such a little twerp like Parker. Rigel even asked if he had had that much talent when he was Parker’s age.

I wound up having to cut Parker’s onsie off of him. I was so afraid that if I pulled it off over his head he would wind up with a nasal canula full of, well, you know. And let me tell you, I can buy SEVERAL brand spankin’ new onsies at Target for the price of one piece of fancy aquarium tubing that just happens to come in a package labeled ‘Pediatric Nasal Canula.’

I’ve spent a major part of my day today trying to deal the after effects of our morning emergency. Dealing with major stink issues isn’t the best of ways I can think of to start one’s day. I am talking the sort of reek that if not aggressively addressed can seep into the pores of your walls. Yuck.

But, he’s worth it.

Although I must admit it is a really good thing that Parker is as dang cute as he is. It makes such a morning as this one was just a little less smelly.


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