I can’t smell skunk, but apparently I can smell Klebsiella Pneumoniae in my son’s pee.

I can’t smell skunk.  Seriously.  Oh, if we were to run over one and it stuck to the bottom of our car I might be able to make the scent out while everyone else was hurling their donuts.  But apparently I can smell Klebsiella Pneumoniae in Parker’s urine when others can’t.

I wonder if that would qualify me for America’s Got Talent?

huh.  Something to think about.

petri dish

How would you like a little bit of this with your morning Cheerios?

Anyway, after two urine cultures we have a positive result for KP, which can be taken care of with an antibiotic.  The more pending question is how did this bacteria get into the urine to begin with?  UTIs in boys aren’t that common.  However fistuals in kids with IBD, IA and tethered spinal cords is.

One would think it would finally be our turn for the easy button by now, eh?

We’ll be getting a pelvic ultra sound.  As my fantastic nurse practitioner and all around genius friend says, “You need to rule out a fistula secondary to the UC. ”

Yup, we’ll have one of those to go, please.

And this time we’re not leaving with our damn easy button.

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  1. You didn’t tell us about smelling it… Did you notice something was off in his pee? Entire scoop please!! This isn’t a TMI or oversharing issue… besides, you brought it up!!! lol I really am just curious about the circumstances surrounding the smelling of the pee. :)

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