How to store potatoes for the winter.

We eat a lot of spuds around here.  Homemade (baked) fries, mashed, smashed, twice baked too.  Luckily we are entering the cheap(er) priced potato season.  At least compared to the prices being asked at a local grocery store around here.


My parents grow potatoes in their garden and share them with us.  Plus, right about now, there are trucks everywhere selling real (!) Idaho potatoes: 50 pounds for $20.00 bucks!

Between what my parents give us and what I purchase I have close to 200 pounds of taters to store.

Did I mention we eat a lot of tubers here?


If stored properly potatoes can last until Spring where we are.  All you need is a plastic container and some sawdust.  Most people usually use large plastic garbage cans.  I use long Rubbermaid containers.  These make it MUCH easier to reach the bottom potatoes later in the season.


I simply lay a layer of sawdust on the bottom of my container, then a layer of unwashed spuds, another layer of sawdust, spuds, etc.  The sawdust insulates and helps keep the light out so the potatoes don’t turn green.



Put the lid on loosely.  You still want air to circulate.  I have my container close to one of my inner garage walls… that backs up to my kitchen.  This helps make sure the potatoes won’t freeze.

That’s it!  Easy Peasy!  I LOVE being able to just step into my garage and grab some potatoes all winter long.

Potatoes will go on sale a little closer to Thanksgiving too!  Another great time to stock up…….and store!


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