How To Shop Without Spending Any Money

I know that most Mama’s aren’t shopping for next Fall’s clothes.  Which is too bad, because NOW is an excellent time to score some free clothes.



I saved the summer clothes from last year and added a few other items Parker is no longer using…..bagged it all up, and took it to Kid to Kid, a local kid consignment store.


It right about now that Kid to Kid starts marking down their Fall and Winter stuff and accepting items for Spring and Summer.

Which means I got a deal on what I purchased and EVERYTHING I took in was accepted.



A pair of camo OshKosh cords PERFECT for a cloth diapered, million dollar tushie.


My big boys have been begging me to start dressing Parker in cool stuff. Cool being anything sports related. Nike pants and a football top to match.


While I couldn’t afford to pay full price for this shirt from GAP, I could afford it on Friday when the price was free because of Kid to Kid store credits.


Another benefit? I know that if stuff looks this good after already being worn, I know it will hold up during Parker’s ownership.

Let’s face it. You wash something once and it is then used. I’ve held up brand new shirts that have been washed once and can’t tell the difference from shirts I’ve purchased used.

Would the actual prices of these items have been cheaper at a yard sale vs. Kid to Kid.


But I would have had to use money at a yard sale. I simply traded in what I wasn’t using for what I needed after waiting for things to be marked down.

Truth be told, I’m kinda worried about how often I’ll be able to hit the yard sales this season with the price of gas on the rise. Yup. My budget is that tight. It will also be interesting to see if yard sale prices are higher this summer than last. With the cost of cotton going up, will people be asking more for their stuff?


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