How to Plant Onions

We’ve been busy planting.  All kinds of goodness just starting to make it’s debut.

One bit of goodness coming up are onions!  We planted white, yellow and purple onion bulbs!

Onions are so easy to plant and give you such a great return on your time and effort.

How to Plant Onions

Loosen the soil with a hoe and remove any weeds or large stones.

Use a  rake to create a level surface.

Make your row.


Dig small holes, just a bit bigger than your onion set and plant each set with the tip UP.


Gently firm down the soil down over the onion sets.

Repeat about 3.5 inches away.


*I often plant my onion sets closer together.  I then thin my onions by pulling some out and using them as ‘green onions’, or scallions.


What’s growing in YOUR garden?

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  1. Pam M. says:

    Just curious, do you have alot of problems with animals digging up the bulbs, etc.? Do you use something to prevent them from ‘eating & running!’
    (Years ago, was told & tried ‘old blood’-(this is when hospitals had to just discard expired units of blood-so folks could take and use it). Have tried other commercial products/ wire around plants, but somehow-some rabbit or other animal tends to get ‘at the plants/fruit/ etc.”

  2. We don’t have issues with animals digging up the bulbs. We do have a raccoon that is a HUGE pain in the butt AND the reason we no longer grow corn. :)

  3. We’ve got our tomato starts in (only 4 sadly) and will be planting the rest of the seeds this weekend! Our yard is so pathetic in soil that we have to make raised beds and since we’ve only lived here a year we only have 2 so far. But this year we’re doing snap peas, carrots, broccoli (a new experiment!), cucumbers, and tomatoes. I really need to figure out that square foot gardening thing I think!

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