How to color pumpkin seeds.



Our garden was quite the squash producing machine this year.  From Pumpkins to  Hubbards to Spaghetti to Butternut.  I’ve got squash coming out of my ears.

As I was cleaning out what felt like my 300th pumpkin, I had an idea hit me.  What could I do with all these seeds?  I mean you can only roast so many tons of the suckers.  What else could I do with them.

Then it came to me.  How about coloring them.  The way you might color rice.  I could do that!


The possibilities of colored seeds are endless.

  • color sorting
  • using colored seeds to outline letters and numbers
  • using colored seeds to match a number’s value to it’s numeral (two seeds with the number 2)
  • using colored seeds as the leaves of a tree for an art project
  • making seed mosaics
  • as an ingredient in sensory bins!

Best of all, the seeds are free!  woot!

The process is easy.  It’s the same process as coloring rice.

I added two teaspoons of rubbing alcohol to a quart sized mason jar.  Then I added enough drops of liquid food coloring to get the color I wanted.



After swishing the alcohol and food coloring together I added the pumpkins seeds, popped on the lid and shook. Easy Peasy, no?  And cheap.  Don’t forget cheap.  Cheap is awesome.


If you want them darker, you can go ahead and add a few more drops of food coloring and shake ‘er up again.

After you have your perfect color, pour them out onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper (waxed paper and even paper towels would work too) and let them dry.  You’ll want to sift though them to turn them over a few times.  This will allow them to drive faster and not stick to your paper.


I colored mine yellow, orange and red.  Ain’t they prudy?  When you are making your Jack ‘o Lanterns this year don’t forget to save your seeds and color them!   No pumpkins?  That’s okay.  You could use just about any winter squash seeds……I made a second batch using my Hubbard squash seeds!

So, tell me.  what will you use your colored winter squash seeds for?


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