How to Catch a Rainbow Trout

Parker went to his end of the year class party.  The theme?  How to Catch a Rainbow Trout.  Okay, so that wasn’t really the theme, but fishing was the activity of the day.  Just a few minutes from our house is a fantastic public park with a stocked trout pond, complete with ducks and a grouchy goose.

I’m so glad we took Parker.  It is really hard to teach him what a fish is when all I have to show him are pictures.  Today he got an up close and personal lesson.  It was great.  There’s one extra fish soul swimming around up in Heaven tonight.  We are thankful for it’s sacrifice in helping Parker understand more of the world around him.

Reed was able to stop by and hang out with all the special needs kids as they worked to reel in their big ones.  It was so obvious how much these kids adore Reed and Reed adores them right back.

A little bit later Rigel stopped by too.  I wish you could have seen how Parker’s face just lit up when he saw his big brother.  I am always so touched at how much my older kids love Parker and how much their little brother loves them right back.

I am truly blessed.

A little boy with Down syndrome fishing with his Dad.

A little boy with Down syndrome fishing.

rainbow trout

A little boy with Down syndrome meeting a rainbow trout.

Parker and his big brother.

Two brothers

On his big brother's shoulders.


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  1. Cassie says:

    Soooo….why did the fish have to die? He could have had an up close and personal lesson about a live fish instead of a dead one, just sayin’…..

  2. Cassie, the pond is stocked with trout for people to catch, take home and eat. Parker’s fish was teeny even though the hooks used were for full grown fish. So taking the hook out of the mouth of the fish did him in. He went home with another family to add to their fish they had for dinner.

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