How Could This Happen? The Story of Abbie Dorn

Four years ago Abbie Dorn gave birth to triplets.

Shortly afterwards, medical mistakes were made that left Abbie severely brain damaged, unable to speak or eat or even move.

A year later her husband divorced Abbie and stopped bringing the triplets to see their Mama.

The reason for ending the visits?  According to the father, visiting their Mother was too traumatizing for them.

So traumatizing that the Father tried to legally remove Abbie’s parental rights to see them.

The verdict?

Abbie is entitled to one five day visit with her children in the presence of their father.

Five days a year.

Utah Senator Luz Robles, who has sponsored legislation dealing with child custody issues, put the issue into real perspective:

“We protect parental rights for people in prison, but we wouldn’t protect this mother’s rights?” she said. “This isn’t the first time a parent has had disabilities. Parents have all kinds of disabilities.”

Is the father simply doing what is easier for him?  Or is he truly trying to ‘protect’ Abbie’s children from pain?

What do you think?

Me?  I firmly believe these kids need to know their Mother.  They need to spend time with her.  Share their lives with her.  Even if it is them doing all the talking and Abbie doing all the listening.

Read the full story:  

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  1. Ugh, another heartwarming story! How can people be like this? How can judges be like this? This man obviously didn’t love his wife to begin with, or else he would be standing by her side and loving her! Nice guy, I’m super jealous of the women that marries him!
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  2. This brought me to tears. When I was 13 my friend who was 8 days younger then me was hit by a car, leaving him with a sever brain injury, similar to this woman. To make a long story short I moved in with this family when I was 16 to help out any way that I could. I would spend time with my friend, and see how much he enjoyed having people around him. We took him to the movie theaters and he would laugh at the funny scenes. There was never a doubt it my mind that he wasn’t “there” even though he couldn’t communicate with us. He was happy, he choose to live and fight for his life. After about 7 months of me living there he passed away, and I believe it is because he felt it was ok to let go.

    Being a mother, I could never imagine not having the privilege or blessing to see my children regardless of my disability. And knowing how my friend was in his “vegetable state” if you will, I know that he enjoyed every moment people spent with him. So why would anyone assume that such a simple thing wouldn’t mean the world to her? It is her children, she made the beautiful sacrifice of bringing them into this world, and I bet she would do it all over again. That is the miracle of being a parent.

    I wouldn’t like to judge her husband, I can only imagine how difficult it is for him. However I would like to tell him… imagine how much harder it is for her. Recognize her and all that she did to provide her family with the best life possible. Why is he so quick to forget her needs and desires. My heart goes out to Abbie. And I agree, children need to know their parents. It is their birth right. And what is the father really teaching his children by his actions? I hope that these children know how much their mother loves them, and will some day receive more time with her. PS if it is so hard for him, then he should allow the children to visit with out him. He is not doing anyone a service by repressing or controlling the situation.

    I am sorry… that was so long. I just feel like I understand the situation from my personal experiences and I wish I was able to get involved and help Abbie and her children.

  3. PS she is sooooooooooo beautiful!! I love her green eyes, and that dark long hair!!! I hope she always feels loved!
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  4. I think hiding their mother away from them, being some big, dark secret, will be far more traumatizing to them. Getting to actually spend real time with her will help breed compassion in them, to teach them that disabiity is not something bad, or dirty, or something to be ashamed of. These children will surely have some major issues as they grow, something that ironically would *not* happen if they were allowed to see her regularly. What a real, real shame. That father will likely have to deal with the fallout as they get older and rebel.

  5. That makes me sick.

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