How Could This Happen? The Story of Abbie Dorn

Four years ago Abbie Dorn gave birth to triplets.

Shortly afterwards, medical mistakes were made that left Abbie severely brain damaged, unable to speak or eat or even move.

A year later her husband divorced Abbie and stopped bringing the triplets to see their Mama.

The reason for ending the visits?  According to the father, visiting their Mother was too traumatizing for them.

So traumatizing that the Father tried to legally remove Abbie’s parental rights to see them.

The verdict?

Abbie is entitled to one five day visit with her children in the presence of their father.

Five days a year.

Utah Senator Luz Robles, who has sponsored legislation dealing with child custody issues, put the issue into real perspective:

“We protect parental rights for people in prison, but we wouldn’t protect this mother’s rights?” she said. “This isn’t the first time a parent has had disabilities. Parents have all kinds of disabilities.”

Is the father simply doing what is easier for him?  Or is he truly trying to ‘protect’ Abbie’s children from pain?

What do you think?

Me?  I firmly believe these kids need to know their Mother.  They need to spend time with her.  Share their lives with her.  Even if it is them doing all the talking and Abbie doing all the listening.

Read the full story:  

Disabled mother’s visitation cut to 5 days per year.

Brain Damaged Mom Granted Visitation Rights With Triplets Despite Ex-Husband’s Protests


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