Hot Time On A Friday Night

Well, a girl can at least dream, can’t she?

On my agenda tonight I have:

Watch Ghost Whisperer

Catch up on my blog visits.

And this thrill a minute activity:

You take a bottle of one of Parker’s meds.

Dump a few out on the counter, VERY

carefully as they are smaller than a baby


Then you

Put one pill at a time into your handy,

dandy pill splitter.  Because Parker is still

so teeny his dosage is only one FOURTH of a

pill a day.  And guess who gets to cut these?

Why, that would be little old me to be exact.

Here’s tonight’s little pile that I am working on:

And the cost of a month’s worth of these

little guys?  Oh, about $1,000 thankyouverymuch.

Bet you wish your life was this exciting, huh?

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