Homeschooling a Medically Fragile Child with Special Needs



Homeschooling this year is going to require a new focus:  Teaching a child with significant hearing loss.   I’ve got calls in to Utah’s School for the Deaf and Blind as well as into Parker’s Home and Hospital teacher.  Sad fact in Utah is that supports for kids with special needs are hard to come by.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  As I’ve talked with people I’ve been told Parker will need hearing aids for ‘general’ hearing and an FM system for one on one learning experiences.

In Parker’s right ear he can’t hear any high tones, and has moderate hearing loss with low tones.  In his left hear he has moderate loss with high tones, but can hear low tones.  We’re hoping that he will be able to use his left ear in order to make up for the loss in his right ear.


We started the new school year out in our new home school room.  I’m not really sure what to incorporate into my teaching techniques in order to enhance Parker’s lessons in regards to his hearing loss.  If anyone has any ideas I’d LOVE to hear them!

We are starting out by reviewing the basics.    I grabbed a half off set of small alphabet stamps from Hobby Lobby.  These stamps require Parker to use and strengthen  that pincher grip of his.

We had a great time using these Alphabet Circles.  I hold up the letter A and sing (to the tune of Brown Bear, Brown Bear) “Letter A, Letter A, what do you see?….I see the Letter B looking at me all the way through the first 5 Alphabet letters.  We’ll add on more each day.  You can grab a set of these  letters on Childcare  Shelley has the patterns for both upper and lower case under the ‘Letter Recognition-Circle Time‘ video.

You could also change this activity up by singing “Capitol A, Capitol A, what do you see?”   ” see a Lowercase A looking at me”

I finally got my act together and have set up a proper circle time schedule.  Right now we are reviewing animal signs and sounds.  But I’ll use this spot to introduce word walls for new literature activities and a whole lot more.

I spent a lot of time this summer cleaning, organizing and trying to get things to a point where I devote more time to Parker’s education.  It’s a lot of work, this teaching your child at home, but it’s important work , the rewards of which are great.





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