Homemade Slime Sensory Play

Homemade Slime is a great addition to your list of activities for sensory play and occupational therapy experiences.

I used to make something called Gak back when my kids were younger using glue and liquid starch.  It was like a softer version of Silly Putty and my kids loved it.

Walking through WalMart one day I noticed that Elmer’s now makes clear glue.  I wondered if that would work in a Gak like recipe with the end result being clear.  A quick look on Pinterest scored me several Slime recipes.

homemade slime ingredients

I added one teaspoon of the to a cup of water, stirred it, and gave it time to dissolve.  I then poured the glue into my mixing bowl.

I filled up the glue bottle with water and added my food coloring.  I used gel food coloring.  Liquid food coloring would work just as well.

I knew I’d be using this homemade slime as sensory play on Parker’s light table, so I wanted a rich red.

I added the glue bottle full of colored water to the bowl of glue and stirred.  Then I added the borax water.

homemade slime with glitter

Immediately it began to form into globs of slime.  I kept stirring until it resembled  not quite set jello.  Then I  added in a bit of gold glitter.  I sprinkled some in and then used my hands to continue to mix the slime.

Here is when you could empty out the excess water if you wanted.  As long as  you continue to knead the slime the water will eventually all absorb and your slime will feel dry.

Homemade slime is by far different than the Gak I used to make.  The homemade slime isn’t stretchy like Gak.  It is a bit rubbery feeling.   When put the slime into a container it will take the form of that container.

homemade slime and cookie cutters

Unlike homemade playdough, homemade slime doesn’t work well when you try to roll it out and cut it with cookie cutters.  Instead it the homemade slime works much better when you put it in the cookie cutter and allow the slime to take on the shape of the cookie cutter.


homemade red glitter slime

Our homemade slime worked great for both sensory play and occupational therapy activities.


sticking straws in homemade slime

Parker stuck straws into the slime.


making balls with homemade slime

We made ‘slime balls’. 


hiding bells in homemade slime

I hid bells in the homemade slime for Parker to find.


playing with homemade slime

Parker spent a lot of time just squishing. 


squishing homemade slime

It was a sensory seeker’s paradise! 


The recipe is easy.  The results are a lot of fun. I like that I can change up the colors to match a theme or holiday.  What’s YOUR favorite  recipe for sensory play?


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