We got back late yesterday afternoon.

Last night was rough. We had to crank up Parker’s 02 to keep his sats up. I wondered all night long if perhaps they sent us home too early. But I always wonder that the first few nights home after a surgery.

During this latest procedure the surgeon removed his trach and put in a breathing tube where his trach had been while they worked. This process really created a lot of muck in Parker’s lungs that we are still trying to clear out as it loosens up. The RT kept reminding us that Parker is still a post op patient and that it would take a little bit longer for everything to get back to it’s baseline.

Until then I just need to breathe.

And stay well medicated. 😉

Paker’s g-tube area looks just like his trach area, but just in his stomach. So no biggie there. I just have to be vigilant in keeping the g-tube area clean.

But the stoma revision area. Whoa. It is a bit intense shall we say.

I was feeling like the worst Mom ever for getting kinda queasy when looking at my little guy’s tummy. But Reed made me feel much better when he told me that yesterday he asked the tech to help him change Parker’s ostomy bag. The tech kept looking at all the zillions of stitches everywhere

and passed out.

I kid you not.


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