We are extremely grateful for the continued love, prayers, and support offered to Parker and for our family.
We consider Parker to be an exceptional blessing in our lives. We are constantly amazed at how such a little guy has inspired so many people.

We believe that one of his callings in this life is to touch the hearts of others.

His health issues include:

1. Severe Pulmonary Hypertension – One of Parker’s doctors describes Parker’s PH as being caused by upper airway obstruction due to severe obstructive sleep apnea, combined with chronic lung disease due to Parker’s underdeveloped pulmonary system. This could cause heart failure, which requires Parker being on supplemental oxygen and medication.

If we can keep Parker healthy enough for his lungs to grow, then new tissue will be generated to slowly heal his lungs.  This, along with being trached, on oxygen, meds, and his vent will lead to his PH numbers receding.

2. Tethered Spinal Cord – Parker’s spinal cord was attached to his sacrum, which could cause paralysis as he grows. His cord was de-tethered in May of 2005, but vigilance is required to make sure that the cord does not re-tether.

3. Failure to Thrive – because Parker is constantly so sick, he hasn’t been growing very well. He weighs 27.5 pounds and is 4.5 years old.

4. Bowel Obstruction – Parker successfully underwent a PSARP procedure in November 2008.  He was readmitted for surgery in January of 2009 for a bowel adhesion.

5. To help with Parker’s severely obstructive sleep apnea, and his severe pulmonary hypertension, Parker was trached in October of 2007.   He sleeps on a vent during naps and at night.

6. To help Parker get enough nutrition he received a g-tube in November of 2007.

Because of these issues, Parker is on several expensive medications as well as using several items of durable medical equipment.

We absolutely believe that with the love, prayers, and support of family and friends Parker will be able to overcome his health issues.


Reed, Tammy, Bailey, Brant, McCall, Rigel, Kensley, and Parker Hodson.