Halloween with Special Needs

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When my older kids were little,  Halloween was a big deal around these parts.

A very big deal.

Family nights with Halloween treats to anticipate.

“Whaddya  goin’ to be?” conversations abounded.

Halloween night tradition included lots of my kids’ friends and lots and lots of pizza before everyone headed out trick or treating.  It seemed as though Reed always had a group of goblins, witches, and ghosts to lead around the neighborhood.

And of course Mom had to ‘check’ each bag for anything suspicious looking.  “Is that a Kit Kat?”  “I’m sorry.  We don’t know who gave you that.  I’ll have to confiscate it.”

Even the littlest of Trick or Treaters knew that confiscate meant ‘snarfed up by Mom.’



Believe it or not, Parker has never been Trick or Treating.


Oh, we’ve dressed him up in costumes.


All of which he’s hated so far.

But it seems as though each time Halloween has rolled around the Brave Hero has either been sick, just getting over being sick, or can’t take a risk of getting sick because he had a surgery coming up.

But this Halloween just might be different.

We have the costume.

We have the building excitement.

We also have the nagging question:

Should a kid who is NPO because ANYTHING he takes by mouth dumps directly into his lungs, go Trick or Treating.

Cause, it’s not like he can actually EAT anything he gets.

Halloween brings so much excitement.  Let’s face it, a part of that excitement is how much loot a kid can haul home.

It also brings the chance to do things most typical kids get to do.  Go out in the dark with their Dad, knock on doors, get ‘oohed’ and ‘awed’ over and suck up the attention.

Let’s face it, Halloween is a sensory experience extraordinaire.

And so, I think this year I’ll let Reed and the Brave Hero go out and knock on a few doors.  Soak in some excitement.  Take in the experience.

To hell with the candy.

What about you?

What’s Halloween like at your house with a kid with special needs?

How often do kids with special needs show up at your door on this spookiest of nights?


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