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I noticed that when I make my visits to other bloggers that the link that is left in the comments goes to a defunct blogger page. I at one time at my site hosted at blogger, but now it is at wordpress.

So I do some researching and find out that I can sign in under an OpedID url that would then link my comments back to Parker’s blog.

When I hit a comment I chose to sign in using WordPress. I sign in using this addy. I get this message:

OpenID url is missing.

I discover that I need to go to WordPress and sign in.

So I go to WordPress and sign in. I get this message:

Now that you are signed in, you can continue signing in to with your OpenID.

So I go to sign in there and I get this error:

You need to sign in

You need to sign in to to complete this process.

You should use a bookmark or type in the address to do this. This page does not contain any links, to protect you from phishing.

So I go and sign out of WordPress and then sign back in. I try to sign in and make this OpenID thing work……and nada.

When I try and sign in to a comment I am using


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  2. Rachel Jan 17, 08
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  4. tom Jan 17, 08
  5. Scarehaircare Jan 17, 08
  6. Stephanie Jan 17, 08
  7. Dawn Jan 18, 08
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