I love homeschooling Parker.  My philosophy of teaching includes a lot of hands on learning time.  I don’t purchase a curriculum, but rather put together my own each year which includes some pretty great Free Printable Packs that cover all kinds of subjects and holidays.

First up is a Free Nativity PreK-K Printable Pack that is available for a limited time.  If you’ll notice on the left side of Meet she offers up all kinds of educational helps.  As soon as I finish this post I plan on downloading this!  I love how Meet Penny says that this is a gift to us AND Jesus.

Forgetful Santa

Royal Baloo has an ADORABLE Forgetful Santa Free Printable Pack.  If you are using a Mac, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe downloaded.  If you click on her Printables tab at the top of her blog, you’ll see an entire list of great printables for all age ranges!  Sweet, eh?

I have more to share, but we are breaking in a new nurse today and Parker is giving the poor guy a real run for his money.  I’m not sure if I should be appalled or a bit amused to know of yet another way that Parker is truly just another typical Hodson boy.


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Off to rescue today’s nurse!

PS:  It takes a TON of time to create these printables.  Please show a little love to their creators via a comment on their blog, sharing on Facebook, etc.



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  1. just gave your facebook and blog info to an anonymous preemie momma who is looking for help with her little one with downs and adding calories and blenderized diets etc etc etc….I said you were the guru :-) hope the P is feeling better!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my Nativity pack with your readers. I appreciate it more than you know.

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