Gratitude for one good deed.

Looking back, I should have set it aside and considered Christmas solved.  By the time I picked it up off the chair on our front porch and turned around, a pair of eyes was already looking on with wonder and excitement.  I’m a sucker for those eyes and that smile.  Oh, that smile.  One good deed is all the enticement needed for him to venture out of safety into hard work and effort.


It started with a picture snapped during an unexpected trip to Costco for the much needed ingredients for a blenderized diet.   Public places aren’t often visited, especially during the sick season,  serendipity’s hand was guiding the day.  In a Facebook status, I updated with a record of an electric piano and a little boy loving the music made when his fingers pressed the keys.   He didn’t want the time to end.  The price of that piano insisted that we could only make a memory that day, and took with us just a photograph and a smile to remember the experience with.


One good deed. 2

A day or so passes.  Did I just hear someone at the door?   A good deed sitting on our Christmas hued chair.  No note.  No hint from who’s heart this message of excitement was sent.


To whom it may concern, the smiles are many.  Fine motor skills are engaged.  Hard things are being accomplished by igniting a light within.  It’s a joy to watch.  Music speaks everyone’s language.

No good deed should never go with out  gratitude.  Here’s ours to you.  You know who you are.

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