God is Able

It’s been a pretty sweet few days.  A bit of peace and hope have made their way into my heart.  I’ve been reading some excellent books on faith and it’s connection to gratitude.  Yup.  Gratitude.  It’s  not just for Thanksgiving anymore.

I may not know what tomorrow will bring, but today I’m choosing to allow myself to be happy.

Parker Hodson

You may have read of the New Year trend to chose one word on which to focus on for the next 365 days.

Me?  I’m going with three words. Because, seriously.  When have you ever known me to color within somebody else lines?

My words?

God is Able.  A friend suggested that I change it to, With God, I am able.  I like that too.

A sweet little boy

This will be my year where I work on my understanding of faith, taking the steps necessary to put it in action and then trust that my Father in Heave will send inspiration, guidance and light.

It looks to be an exciting growth spurt of sorts.

beauty of Down syndrome

God is able……..able to teach this child of His how to conquer the fear and replace it with joy.

A little boy with Down syndrome.


Each day I ask Parker to go out of his comfort zone and work on a new skill that will help make his life better.  If he can wake up willing to work hard and at times even be a little uncomfortable as he reaches to achieve his goal, then so can I.

So can I.

What is YOUR one word?


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