Gluten Free Joy With Udi’s Gluten Free Foods!

Did you know that many people with Down syndrome also have a secondary diagnosis of celiac disease?

True story.

I remember when a friend child was diagnosed with celiac disease and we searched high and low for anything…….anything…….not made with gluten.  When we finally found something the taste was so foul it wasn’t even worth eating.


But those days are gone. Not only can gluten free taste fantastic, you no longer have to travel all over the state to find gluten free items.

Is that applause mixed with sighs of relief I hear?

I thought so.

If you’ll look closely, there is a bagel missing from the bag on the left side.  That is because even before I could open the box of goodies that Udi’s sent one of my kids made a peanut butter sandwich with that bagel and then asked if ‘I would buy this stuff again.’

While we aren’t gluten free at out house, I have given birth to 5 of the pickiest eaters on the face of the earth.  I invited two of them to an Udi’s taste testing party.

Picky eaters.

Not only is there a big bite out of the muffin, but there is a smile on that picky eater’s face!  But what about picky eater #2?  She’s known to be a bit stubborn when it comes to what she will and won’t eat. 

She liked it!  She really liked it!  Picky eater #2 didn’t want me to take an after picture just in case there was some muffin stuck in her braces or something. 

I also tried the muffins, (addicting) , and the bagels.  The bagels are indeed chewy like a traditional bagel is, however the crumb is different.  Not bad.  Just a bit of a different texture than a traditional bagel.  But I figure if Udi’s got the chewy part right, a little difference in the crumb is not big deal at all.  These bagels make great morning TOAST and lunch time SANDWICHES.

But Udi’s gluten free foods aren’t just about great taste, they are also about convenience.  They are at local stores EVERYWHERE.  How do I know?  Because Udi’s website provides you with a handy dandy Udi’s store product provider.

Slick, no?

But if that isn’t enough, Udi’s products will soon be hitting the shelves of a WalMart near just about everyone!  Imagine great tasting gluten free Bagels, Breads, Hamburger and Hot Dog buns, granola, cookies and pizza crusts right at Wal-Mart.

If you visit the Udi’s Website you will find not only gluten free recipes, but a gluten free community to help you make the most of a gluten free lifestyle.

Now this is where I’m supposed to offer up two coupons for FREE UDI’S products for TWO LUCKY winners.


Somebody swiped those coupons and took them to the grocery store to purchase more muffins and cookies.  My kids are so used to me telling them to never go shopping without coupons that they thought I would be proud using those Udi’s coupons to by even more great stuff.  Instead that poor soul will be cleaning my bathrooms for the next two weeks.


So instead I’ll tell you that this is a sponsored post in which I received free Udi’s gluten food because it is kinda hard to review something you’ve never tasted, and enough monetary compensation to purchase Parker some MUCH needed disposable diapers.

You know me though.  If this stuff would have tasted foul, I would have let you know.


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