G-tube Feeding

When a kid aspirates to the point that Parker does, they put a hole in their belly, a button in the hole, and teach you how to put their food directly in their stomachs.  Other wise known as g-tube feeding.

It’s not as bad as it sounds.  I know I’m kinda weird, but I’m thankful for stuff like this that allows me to feed Parker while keeping him safe from lung aspirations that make his Pulmonary Hypertension that much worse.

And I can get stuff in him that NO kid would willing eat by mouth.

It’s all about the silver linings, folks.

Parker being tube fed.

I can switch up his diet adding things like raw, organic beets, fish oil, millet, and grass fed locally sourced organic beef.  Each day this Hero of ours also gets goat milk and goat milk yogurt.  I’ve got to go back to making my own kefir though.  The cost of goat milk is really hurting the grocery budget, as this kid can go through almost $12.00 a week of it easily.

Because Parker and I love our friend, Chris, we choose to use pasteurized goat milk from a local goat farm (ranch?) that even recommends their milk be used pasteurized.

It is expensive to do a blenderized g-tube formula the way we do it.  Then again, we’ve seen his weight and health increase because of it.

Parker getting a bolus feed.

I’ll admit all of the organic and raw and the goat milk can make a little guy a wee bit gassy….usually at the most inconvenient times.  Then again my typical boys aren’t all that fun to be around after a bean burrito feast either.

I’ve written more about blenderized diets and g-tube feedings here and here .  Have any questions?

What to share a tip or a story of how somebody stopped and stared at you and shaking their heads and making comments about how stuff like that should really be done in private the entire time you were giving him a tube bolus?  (sigh)

My tip?  Always give a bolus on something easily washable.  Just sayin’.

Well, that’s what the comment section is for !


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