Frugality And Using Dehydrated Foods

I feed our family of 8 for about half of what  the Official 2008 USDA Food Plan’s ‘Thrifty Plan’ calls for.    Only in my dreams could I spend what they list as their liberal plan.

This includes Parker’s totally organic blenderized diet, and all cleaning, paper, etc. products.

I’m able to accomplish this through a variety of strategies:

  • combining sales and coupons
  • buying in bulk and building a food storage
  • gardening
  • utilizing local co-ops
  • cooking from scratch
  • not serving meat at all meals
  • storing long term dehydrated and freeze dried foods

Most don’t think past powered milk when it comes to dehydrated foods.  The choices of both dehydrated and freeze dried foods are not only impressive, but many grocery stores, including Costco are now carrying these items.


My Mom brought me over a 25 pound bag of dehydrated hash browns the other day.  25 pounds of dehydrated hash browns come in a VERY large bag.  Holy smokes.

Total cost for 25 pounds of dehydrated hash browns?



If you are looking at things from a strictly healthy point of view, making hash browns from scratch would win.  We actually grow potatoes each season.  Alas, we aren’t able to produce enough potatoes to last the year.  And even purchasing $28.00 worth of spuds wouldn’t provide us with hash browns for the same length of time as a 25 pound bag of dehydrated hash browns.

One great aspect of dehydrated foods is their shelf life.  Kept in the bag, these hash browns have a 10 year storage life.  Kept in a food storage bucket they can last up to 20.

I can sock away $100.00 worth of dehydrated food that a few years down the road could very well cost twice that much.

Dehydrated foods are quick and easy to use.  These hash browns can be used in soups, casseroles, fried like fresh hash browns, etc.

And they taste no different than purchasing hash browns straight out of your grocer’s freezer.


I covered the dehydrated potatoes with hot water.


I left them alone for 30 minutes.


Next step was to drain off the excess water and then pop those puppies into a pan with a little bit of olive oil and butter and cook as usual.  I topped off the finished product with a little bit of shredded cheese.


My family loved, loved, loved them. I risked my life trying to get this picture before my family inhaled the rest of the pan.

But, hey.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you guys.

ps: For those of you who are local I can ask my Mom where she picked these up from.  Just shoot me an email.


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