From My Missionary…….

Ok, well here are the stats for the week here in California…

Your son, your brother, is doing quite well. But first story before I forget:

Yesterday we were visiting a members house and talking about General Conference. They had one daughter, and I could tell she had a disability, but I could not put my finger on it. I finally say “Wow, she really looks like my little brother, Parker. She reminds me so much of him”

They laughed and chuckled looked at me and said, “Your little brother?” I go, “Yeah my little brother.” They ask who Parker is and what not, and we eventually look at the family pic I had in my scriptures (Yes, I show ya’ll off to everyone :D) and the Mom started to tear up a little bit. I looked at her, and with a frog in my throat and talked about how special kids with disabilities are.

They were a young couple, 26 or so, and it looked like they were having a really rough day. I shared things…. I cant all remember all that I said, but the Spirit was so strong.

The Mom cried. I cried. Even the husband cried. It was so amazing. The spirit spoke through me, and you could just tell the Spirit made her night, NOT ME, the Spirit.

Then after we left while we were getting our bikes, ( we ride 25 miles at least everywhere everyday), my companion looks at me and says, “Yo querio llorrar” which means I want to cry.

I asked “Porque?”, which means why. And he says “The espiritu fue mas feurte, y I se, ella es un especail esprirtu” Which means the spirit was really strong, and I know she is a special spirit. And my companion startes to cry.

Man, it made me realize right there, how lucky we are to have little Parker man in our family. How much of a blessing he really is, and especially, how much of a sweet spirit he is.

Parker must of done something so powerful in the spirit world, to be a blessing like he is for us.

What more of a witness to the joy that is Parker could one ever want?


When Reed and I first learned that Parker had a 4% chance of being born with an extra chromosome, we gathered our kids around and explained the possibility to them.

A few hours later all of my kids gathered around me and told me that if Parker was born with that extra chromosome it wouldn’t matter one little bit to them. They had prayed and they knew that this little spirit was meant for our family.


There has always been a mighty love affair between all of my kids and Parker. He has brought such joy and the amazing Spirit of our Father in Heaven into our home.

Through Parker we have each gotten a better understanding of faith, and that families truly are forever. The light of the Gospel shines so brightly through the Brave Hero of ours. We have been so incredibly blessed.


I’m thankful for each and every one of my kids. And today I am especially thankful for Brant and the testimony he is growing.

What an amazing gift this Motherhood gig has been.


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