Friday Update From Room 3071

Last night was hell.

Of the pure and total kind.

The Nubaine bolus would wear off and Parker’s pain was then unmanageable.  We had him up walking around his room in hopes of getting some of the CO2 used for his Nissen to dissapate.

Which didn’t do a thing.

Finally, around 2:00 a.m. the surgical resident made an executive decision and placed a Nubaine I.V. for Parker.

Sweet relief.  Peace from the pain.

I’ve told the boss of this surgical Resident to give this man a pay raise.

Or maybe we could nomiate him for a Nobel Peace Prize.

I’m thinking this Resident has done more for peace than Obama has.

Don’t believe me?  Ask the parents of all the other kids on this entire floor.  They’ll tell ya.  Heck, I bet they’ll even pitch in for this Resident’s pay raise,  and  second the guy’s NPP nomination.

Parker’s bowels are officially back in business.  This is a very good thing to have happen after a surgery.  Even if they blew while sitting in his Mama’s lap.


I think not.

This smelled a lot like payback to me.

You know, payback of me putting our Brave Hero through yet another surgery.

That’s a Hodson boy for ya.

They’ve just begun a very low continuous feed of Complete via Parker’s g-tube.   We’re going to be doing both Complete and a blenderized diet.  It took a heap of nutritionalists to finally find one up here that would support me in the blenderized adventure.  But Parker’s surgeon is TOTALLY for this type of half and half diet, especially since it is looking as though he will be NPO for a very, very, very long time.

And because Parker’s g-tube didn’t have to be messed with in the process of placing his Nissen, we may be springing this joint much sooner than planned.

Can I get me a big YA-Hooo! for this stroke of luck?

Because being able to go home would truly be grand.


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