Freeze Dried Foods on a Frugal Budget

I have had several people email and ask if it really is possible to incorporate freeze dried foods on a frugal budget.  For years I didn’t think it could be done.  As groceries prices have gone up, my need to reduce costs have intensified.  I began to investigate freeze dried foods.

freeze dried frugal food

I started by looking at what ever was cheapest.  I quickly found out that there really is a difference in freeze dried foods.  I discovered that many companies source items from China, but don’t have to disclose that.


Because Thrive is local to me, a friend and I went to the shop and sampled every single thing they had to offer.  Okay.  I’m sure we missed a few.  But not too many.  Thrive doesn’t source from China, btw.  They contract with farmers right here in the USA.

Tasting from the can does not mean that it still tastes great when you actually use the stuff though.  That was my next step.  The biggest thing to remember is that unlike dehydrated foods, freeze dried foods take very little water to re-hydrate.  Very little.

What I discovered:  The cheese truly melts.  My family will drink the milk. *faint*  The veggies re-hydrate pretty much like new.    The freeze dried onions make my life much simpler.  I was continuously either dumping sprouted, stinky onions, or running out.  Not any longer.  Heck, you can even get sliced freeze dried onions to caramelize for your burgers.  I can’t stand the texture of canned mushrooms (gag), but we don’t use enough mushrooms to empty out the little thingie they come in.  Food waste is an enemy to the grocery budget, with each American household dumping close to 2 GRAND in fruits and veggies a year.

You can roast the asparagus.  Use the red peppers in your fajitas.  The corn is 100% NON-GMO!

The fruits re-hydrate much like their canned equivalents; not as crisp as fresh.   You can throw the strawberries straight from the can into your jello and nobody will ever know.  Baby food.  Smoothies.  Perfection.  You can bake with these goodies and dare anyone to tell the difference.  Using the fruit in oatmeal makes my mouth water even now.   An unexpected blessing?  Fruit my family wouldn’t touch fresh (hello, texture issues) they will stuff their faces with in freeze dried form.

How do freeze dried foods fit into a frugal budget?

It’s easy.  There are several ways.  Let’s talk about two of them.

1.  Each month Thrive has great sales.  Here’s the December Thrive Sales Flyer.  You can simply place your order-choose to pick it up if you or local-or have it shipped directly to you for a very reasonable price.  If you shoot me your email addy, I can make sure you get all the sales flyers with NO pressure EVER to purchase anything!

Thrive December 2015 Sales Flyer Now, if you look closely, you’ll see a second way that freeze dried foods can fit into a frugal budget.  It’s called the Q-Pon.

Thrive Blueberry Q-pon
Each and every month Thrive offers a Q-Pon.  November’s Q-Pon was for Potato Buds, October’s was for Asparagus.  It’s always a KILLER deal.  Recently I purchased frozen blueberries for Parker’s blenderized diet.  I compared the price per serving to Thrive’s freeze dried blueberries purchased with this Q-pon. Purchased with the Q-Pon, the freeze dried blue berries are cheaper, even with shipping.  I find that the Q-Pon prices work out to be less than purchasing from the grocery store.  Plus, less trips to the store mean less money spent in fuel, time and impulse purchases.

Signing up for a Q is simple.  You choose the plan you like the most, set a budget, and place your order.  If, after the third delivery, you decide you don’t like the program, unsubscribe.  Easy as that.  Think of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save.

Let me walk you through the steps!

First go to my Consultant Site.

You’ll know you are in the right place when you see this:

Thrive Consultant


Scroll down a bit and you’ll see Join My Team

Thrive Consultant

Click on the “Learn More”

Thrive's Q

Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see Set Up Your Q and then click on that.  On this page it will go more in depth in regards to what a Q is and how to set your budget.  At the very bottom of the page it will give you the option of signing up for the Q Club.

The Clue Club The Q Club offers more rewards and options.   You can read about them on the Q Club page!


I’ll do another post on how to actually sign up as a consultant if you choose.  No, you NEVER have to host a party.  Really.  I’m home bound 99% of the time.  Making it to host a party isn’t going to happen.  But by becoming a consultant, you get consultant pricing.  These prices are stellar.  I’m not kidding.

freeze dried food on a frugal budget

One example of the wonderful deals available to consultants is the pricing on the freeze dried meats.  Just about half off the regular pricing at $35.00 a can  plus tax and shipping.  This makes the price comparable to purchasing ground beef at $3.99 a pound…..BUT with no worries of it going bad if your freezer goes south……..AND it’s already cooked and ready to use……..PLUS it comes with a 25 year shelf life due to there being no water or air to muck with it’s goodness.  Not to mention it tastes terrific!

Register to be a Thrive Consultant

Signing up to be a consultant is also easy.  Being as this post is so long already, I’ll cover that in another post.  In case you want to look around a bit, you can find all the details on my Become a Consultant page down towards the bottom!  Hint:  If you can swing it, pick a kit that comes with the option of a discounted 72″ Harvest Shelf!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below!






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