FREE Christmas Homeschooling Resources for Special Needs Families!

I’m kind of proud of myself.  I’m getting this list of FREE Christmas Homeschooling Resources for Special Needs Families up before….you know…February.   I’m super excited about this list of resources because I love exploring the holiday season with Parker.  It does this Mama’s heart so much good.

free christmas homeschooling resources

I’ve shared a few of the resources below, and have MANY more to share on our Pinterest Board.

Be sure to pop over and follow that board for the entire list of FREE Christmas Homeschooling Resources for Special Needs Families!  Go ahead!  Parker and I will wait!

Back already?  Here we go!

I LOVE this site word activity shared by Kindergarten:  Holding Hands and Sticking Together.  She even links to the free printable!  I adore people that link to free printables!


This Little Home of Mine gifts us with a ginormous amount of Christmas Printables.  REMEMBER, just because something is labeled ‘preshoolers’ doesn’t mean that older kids can’t participate in the invitation.  I am always adapting these sort of activities to meet Parker’s academic needs.  You can too!


Ho! Ho! Ho!  Silvia Garay Sanchez has a wonderful Christmas Multi-Digit Multiplication Practice!

No time to bake cookies?  NO WORRIES!  Kid Activities Blog has made life so much simpler by sharing this amazing printable!  I love this one so much that I’m going to download it NOW and ‘bake’ some cookies with my most favorite of Brave Heroes!

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